Session of the Seminar on History of Post-war Soviet Society


On October 17, 2016 regular session of the Seminar on history of post-war soviet society (period of 1945-1965) took place. This seminar works at Saint Petersburg Institute of History of the RAS (SPbIH of the RAS) and ensures collaboration of scholars, employees of museums and archives, professors, tutors and teachers along with post-graduates. The report “I’d rather die than will work in factory!” Education, rivalry and attitude to labor among youngsters in the post-Stalin Georgian SSR” was delivered by D.Sc. Ira Yanis-Isokangas (University of Helsinki). In the following discussion scholars from SPbIH RAS, St. Petersburg State University, Central State Archive of St. Petersburg and other specialists have participated.

On scholar’s anniversary



On anniversary of Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, D.Sc. in History, professor Yurii Gergievich Alekseev “Drevlechranilishe” publishing house issued the collection of articles “The sides of Middle Ages in Russia: collection of articles timed to 90-year anniversary of Yurii Gergievich Alekseev” (“Grani russkogo Srednevekovia: sbornik statei k 90-letiu Yuria Gergievicha Alekseeva”). Articles written by his disciples and colleagues examine different problems of medieval Russia history and cover different spheres, such as historiography, source studies, genealogy, war history, law, social history, etc.
The book will be of interest for historians, philologists and everyone interested in history of medieval Russia.

On 100-year anniversary of the Revolution of 1917 in Russia

The State Museum of Political History of Russia, Saint Petersburg Institute of History of the RAS, North-Western branch of the Scientific council of the RAS «The history of social reforms, public movement and revolution» invite to participate in International scientific conference “Revolution of 1917 in Russia: events and concepts, consequences and remembrance” timed to 100-year anniversary of the Revolution of 1917 in Russia.
It will be conducted on May 11-12, 2017. Applications accepted until December 15, 2016.

Информационное письмо № 1

New book



“Kriga” publishing house issued new book “Scenes of Russian life. Capital and province of the first half of the 19th century in the view of foreigners. Diaries. Researches” (“Kartiny russkoi zhizni. Stolitsa i provincial pervoi poloviny XIX veka glazami inostrancev. Dnevniki. Issledovania”). The publication was prepared by G.M. Kovalenko and A.A. Kuznetsov.

The book incorporates “Autographic daily notes” by Adelaide Hausnolf and diary of Eric Gustav Ehrstrom “For me and my friends”, they are accompanied by album of Andre Duran’s lithographs “Voyage pittoresque et archeo-logique en Russie” first published in Paris in 1839.



Saint Petersburg Institute of History of the RAS cordially congratulates chief researcher D.Sc. in History Aleksei Nikolaevich Tsamutali, who was rewarded with honorary award of the All-Russian society for preservation of history and culture.

New books



“Liki Rossii” publishing house issued a new book, “Boris Vasilievich Ananich. The way we remember him” (“Boris Vasilievich Ananich. Kakim my ego pomnim”). This collection includes memoirs of colleagues and friends, photographs and documents from private archive of B.V. Ananich. The book was prepared thanks to Nina Ivanovna Ananich and members of her family directly to opening on June 20, 2016 of the international conference timed to 85-year anniversary of Boris Vasilievich Ananich.





Saint Petersburg branch of “Nauka” publishing house in “Russkaya biblioteka” series issued the book by I.P. Shaskolskii “Rus’ and crusaders. Struggle for the Baltic in 12th–13th centuries” (“Rus’ i kresonostsy. Borba za Baltiku v XII-XIII vekah”). This publication incorporates two monographs of I.P. Shaskolskii of 1970-s-1980-s which scrutinized the struggle between Rus’ and Swedish crusaders in 12th–14th centuries.

The link of times

Н.А. Кондратова с книгой, отмеченной экслибрисом Н.П. Лихачева

Н.А. Кондратова с книгой, отмеченной экслибрисом Н.П. Лихачева

Праправнучки Н.П. Лихачева Амина и Дарья с книгами прапрадеда Н.П. Лихачева Александра Логиновича из фонда библиотеки СПб ИИ

Праправнучки Н.П. Лихачева Амина и Дарья с книгами прапрадеда Н.П. Лихачева Александра Логиновича из фонда библиотеки СПб ИИ

On September 30, 2016 descendants of N.P. Likhachev Natalia Alekseevna Kondratova (granddaughter) with her granddaughters visited Saint Petersburg Institute of History. They looked over the institute building, visited archive and library, met with the director of the Institute N.N. Smirnov and academic secretary A.A. Kasatov. N.A. Kondratova presented the Institute photographs of N.P. Likhachev from their family archive.