New book

“Novgorodskaya oblastnaya tipographia” publ. issued the book by B.N. Kovalev “Izbrannye doveriem. Novgorodskie deputaty Gosudarstvennoi dumy Rossiiskoi imperii”. ISBN 978-5-6041241-1-6.

The book was published due to the partnership agreement between Novgorod State Museum-Preserve and Saint Petersburg Institute of History of the RAS with financial support from Yu.I. Bobryshev and participation of Novgorod branch of Russian Historical Society

New book

“Alyans-Archeo” publ. issued new book of N.V. Bashnin “Perepisnye knigi votchin Vologodskogo arkhiereiskogo doma Sv. Sofii 1701–1702 gg.: Issledovanie i teksty”. ISBN 978-5-98874-170-1.

This publication incorporates census books (“perepisnye knigi”) of Vologda of Archbishops’ House of St. Sofia composed in 1701-1702. The texts of the documents not only contain data on social and economic history of the region but include information for study of collections of icons and manuscripts kept in local parish churches.

The book is aimed at everyone interested in history of Russia.

The publication was carried out with financial support from RSCF, project №18-78-00108.

Scientific conference “Study and restoration of manuscripts”

On September 17-18, 2019 the library of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Saint Petersburg Institute of History of the RAS and Saint Petersburg branch of the Archive of the Russian Academy of Sciences carry out conjoint scientific conference on issues connected with study and restoration of manuscripts.

Everyone interested in discussion over the reports and volunteers to visit the exhibition is welcome.

The conference agenda (in Russian)

New monograph


Istoricheskaya Illustratsiya publ. issued the monograph by T.V. Andreeva “On the Way to the Great Reform: The Peasant Question in Russia under Nicholas I. Study and Documents” (“Na dalnih podstupah k Velikoi Reforme: krestianskii vopros v Rossii v tsarstvovanie Nikolaya I”) (ISBN 978-5-89566-193-2).
The monograph deals with pre-history of the Great Reform 1861, abolishing bondage in Russia: with its theoretical and practical preparation. The Reform is presented as a long process, stipulated by complexity of Russian modernization, and by no means sudden act. For the first time in home historiography the policy of Nicholas I towards peasants’ problem is examined comprehensively, based on the analysis of both basic official materials and private documents.

The book was published with financial support from Russian Foundation for Basic Research (project № 18-19-00208) and is not for sale.

21st All-Russian Scientific Conference “Scribes’ Books and Other Mass Sources on the History of Russia of 16th-20th centuries” 

On July 8, 2019 in Novgorod the Great at Yaroslav the Wise Novgorod State University starts the 21st All-Russian Scientific Conference “Scribes’ Books and Other Mass Sources on the History of Russia of 16th-20th centuries” (“Pistsovye knigi I drugie massovye istochniki po istorii Rossii XVI-XX vekov”). This session is organized by Saint Petersburg Institute of History of the RAS, Saint Petersburg campus of the Higher School of Economics, Archeographic Commission of the RAS and its Saint Petersburg branch. the conference will be held till July 12, 2019.

The conference agenda (in Russian)

New textbook


Nestor Istoria publ. issued a book by A.V. Chirkova “Diplomacy of the Western European documents of the Middle Ages and Early Modern Era” (“Zapadnoevropeiskaya diplomatika Srednih vekov I Rannego Novogo vremeni”) (ISBN 978-5-4469-1596-5).

Presented textbook is the first complex survey of the West European diplomacy in Russian after more than a centenary from publication of N.P. Likhachev’s (1862-1936) series of lectures made in 1906 on the basis of students’ notes without author’s proof-reading. This book covers the gap presenting the review of contemporary tendencies in diplomacy, supporting all the points with examples from authentic medieval documents of both Russian and European Archives. Copies of the documents from private collection of N.P. Likhachev (now West European section of Archive of Saint Petersburg Institute of History of the RAS) serve as illustrations.