Academic council

Academic council is social and scientific organization of Saint-Petersburg Institute of History of the RAS and functions as advisory body. It discusses different issues concerning research work, science management and publishing activity of the Institute.

Staff of the Academic council.

Chairman of the Academic council: Smirnov Nikolai Nikolaevich, D.Sc. in History, professor, director of SPbIH of the RAS

Academic secretary of the Academic council: Kasatov Andrei Aleksandrovich, Cand. of Sc. in History (Ph.D.), academic secretary of SPbIH of the RAS

Members of the Academic council:

Ananich Boris Vasilevich, D.Sc. in History, academician of the RAS Andreeva Tatyana Vasilevna, D.Sc. in History Anisimov Evgenii Viktorovich, D.Sc. in History Gavrilov Aleksandr Konstantinovich, D.Sc. in History Dmitrieva Zoya Vasilevna, D.Sc. in History Kolonitskii Boris Ivanovich, D.Sc. in History Lebedev Sergei Konstantinovich, D.Sc. in History Lukoyanov Igor Vladimirovich, D.Sc. in History Medvedev Igor Pavlovich, D.Sc. in History, corr. member of the RAS Mikhailov Nikolai Vasilevich, Cand. of Sc. in History (Ph.D.) Noskov Vladimir Vitalevich, D.Sc. in History Pavlov Andei Pavlovich, D.Sc. in History, professor Pleshkov Viktor Nikolaevich, D.Sc. in History Rupasov Aleksandr Ivanovich, D.Sc. in History Sverdlov Mikhail Borisovich, D.Sc. in History, professor Sedov Pavel Vladimirovich, D.Sc. in History Tsamutali Aleksei Nikolaevich, D.Sc. in History Chernyaev Vladimir Yurevich, Cand. of Sc. in History (Ph.D.) Chistikov Aleksandr Nikolaevich, D.Sc. in History

Technical secretary of the Academic council:

Rumynskaya Marina Nikolaevna