International cooperation


The scholars of Saint-Petersburg Institute of History of the RAS actively participate in international organizations and serve as members of editorial boards of several foreign scientific journals.

Some of the researchers are honorary and full members of foreign scientific societies.

Our scholars regularly deliver lectures as invitee professors at different universities and institutions in the USA, Europe, China, Republic of Korea and Japan; give reports at international conferences, congresses and symposia.

Annually a dozen of researchers from the institute make business trips to participate in conferences, deliver lectures, to fulfill research at archives and libraries and to realize international joint projects.


Regularly provided grants from different foreign institutions, received after strict selection, may serve as a sign of recognition of the institute researchers.


Dozens of foreign scholars and scientists regularly visit the institute. The participate in conferences, do research work at the History and Scientific Archive of the Institute and at the library, deliver reports both at the Academic Council sessions and at meetings of the departments.


November, 7 – Russian-Finnish seminar “Meeting of Russian and Finnish elites (19th and beginning of the 20th centuries). Importance of the national factor and citizenship”. The seminar was organized by Saint-Petersburg Institute of History of the RAS and Institute of World Culture of the University of Helsinki.
The reports were examining the problems of cooperation between the elites of Russia and the Grand Duchy of Finland in economy, politics; military and social spheres.
The seminar took place at the conference-hall of the Finland’s Consulate General in Saint-Petersburg.

June, 11-13 – International conference «Patriotic Cultures during the First World War», set up by
Saint-Petersburg Institute of History of the RAS and the European University in Saint-Petersburg. The conference took place at the European University in Saint-Petersburg (Gagarinskaya str., 3).


In May and in June at the meetings of the Academic council and meetings of the departments reports of foreign colleagues were recited. Among the speakers there were professor of the University of Stockholm Elisabeth Lefstrand; professor of the University of Helsinki Timo Vihavainen; associate researcher of SPbIH professor of the University of Indiana (Bloomington, USA) Alex Rabinovitch; curator of the Russian collections at the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace A.V. Shmelev.


Professor E. Lesfstrand and Professor Timo Vihavainen were elected associate researchers of Saint-Petersburg Institute of History of the RAS.


March – a group of students and post-graduates of the University from Bielefeld, Germany (Osteuropäische Geschichte-Universität) accompanied by professor Stefan Merl visited the institute in the framework of international cooperation.

Young German colleagues were acquainted with the history of the Institute, recent publications. Researchers from both Russian and Western sections of the Scientific and Historical Archive of SPbIH of the RAS presented them some documents, and our guests showed a genuine interest both to the content of the collections and to the opportunity to use them.


Throughout the year:

19 scholars of the Institute ( History B.F. Yegorov, History A.I.Rupasov, History L.A. Gerd, Cand. of Sc. in History E.I.Nosova, History I.A. Levinskaya, etc.) made 30 business trips to different foreign, mostly European countries.

Six scientists ( History A.N.Chistikov, History I.V. Lukoyanov, History N.N. Smirnov, etc) participated in several international conferences abroad reading reports on different subjects.


June, 17-20 – International colloquium “Little person and big war in the Russian history, mid 19th –mid 20th centuries”
St. Petersburg Institute of History of the RAS, the European University in St.- Petersburg; North-West Branch of the Scientific Council of RAS on the history of social reforms, social movements and revolutions; Russian Humanitarian Science Foundation; Goldsmiths College, University of London (England); Fritz Thyssen Foundation (Fritz-Thyssen-Stiftung) (Germany).
The conference took place at the European University in Saint-Petersburg (Gagarinskaya str., 3).

At the academic conference reports were delivered by the researchers from Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Ivanovo, Voronezh, Chelyabinsk, and also from the USA, the Great Britain, Italy, France, Germany, Israel, Ukraine and Latvia.

The colloquium paid special attention to following problems: “War and public conscience” and “Daily routine of war and personal perception of war” on the example of different wars from the Crimean war until the Second World War inclusive. Discussion issues of historical memory, religious and national self-determination, propaganda and public sentiments, war anthropology, daily routine of war and cruelty and violence at war time have been discussed.