Fundamental and applied research projects

Main courses of research.

Saint-Petersburg Institute of History of the RAS realizes fundamental and applied research projects on following subjects:

  • Preservation and study of cultural, archeological and scientific heritage: revelation, systematization, description, restoration and preservation of the funds of the Scientific and historical archive of SPbIH of the RAS, publication of sources on Russian and General History, examination of the historiography issues;
  • Examination of complex of ethnic and religious factors and its place in local and global processes of both the past and the present; study of historical and cultural interaction in the North-West of Russia and its place in development of Eurasia.
  • Analysis of evolution of civilization and society: person in history and alltagsgeschichte (“everyday history”). Relationships between regime and society in Russian and General History.
  • Studies on economic and social history of Russia and on its importance for global historical and cultural evolution;
  • History of the international relations.

Fundamental research programs and grant support.

Since 2009 seven research programs of Saint-Petersburg Institute of History of the RAS were included in the Fundamental research program of the Presidium of the RAS and three projects were inserted in the Fundamental research program of the Scientific division on History and Philology of the RAS.

Every year about half a dozen scientific projects are awarded with different types of grants from various governmental funds and institutions. For example, from 2010 till 2014 two-year and three-year research grants of the Russian Foundation for Humanities were gained by about twenty crews of scholars and ten groups obtained other types of grants (grants for publishing projects, grants for conferences, etc.) from this institution; while in 2015 D.Sc. in History B.N. Mironov with a group of scholars obtained grant of Russian Science Foundation; Cand. of Sc. in History (Ph.D.) N.V. Bashnin was awarded Presidential grant and six teams of scholars were given two-year and three-year grants by the Russian Foundation for Humanities.

Scholars of the Institute annually publish scores of monographs and collections and hundreds of articles and every year some of them are rewarded with prizes from both government and non-governmental organizations. For instance, in 2014 D.Sc. in History M.B. Sverdlov won E.V.Tarle prize from the Government of Saint-Petersburg, D.Sc. in History E.V. Anisimov became a laureate of Government prize of the Russian Federation and D.Sc. in History S.V. Yarov was granted the prize “ Prosvetitel” (Enlightener prize) from NGO “Dynasty”.