The library derives from the Archaeography commission, established in 1834 in order to collect and publish the documents of the Archaeography expedition. In 1920-s the Archaeography commission became the part of the Academy of Sciences, what made it much easier to collect and to use the funds of the library. Since 1930-s a lot of collections of subjected to repressions and the late employees have been included into the library stock.

Today the library funds come to 300 000 of books. The library stores publications on history of Russia, Byzantine Empire, Central and Western Europe and the USA.

The readers may use two main catalogues (alphabetical and systematic) and several card indexes.

The head of the library: Pershina Lyudmila Ivanovna.

The Library of SPbIH is the department of the Library of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Address: Petrozavodskaya str., 7.

Phone: 235-46-74



Duty schedule:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, 10.00 – 17.45.

Closed for vacations from the middle of July till September, 1.


Terms of admission.

The library admits the following categories of visitors:

  1. Visitors directed from the main Library of the Russian Academy of Sciences, having request forms for books stored exceptionally in the Library of SPbIH.
  2. Visitors with the certificates of the employee of the Russian Academy of Sciences’ institution.
  3. Visitors having official letter from employers or educational institutions signed by the director and addressed to the head of the library.

Visitors must present their identity cards.


Head of the library – Pershina Lyudmila Ivanovna

Chief Librarian – Panchenko Yelena Zalkovna

Librarian – Tarasov Konstanrin Andreevich

Librarian – Shepyreva Irina Nikolaevna