New books



“Liki Rossii” publishing house issued a new book, “Boris Vasilievich Ananich. The way we remember him” (“Boris Vasilievich Ananich. Kakim my ego pomnim”). This collection includes memoirs of colleagues and friends, photographs and documents from private archive of B.V. Ananich. The book was prepared thanks to Nina Ivanovna Ananich and members of her family directly to opening on June 20, 2016 of the international conference timed to 85-year anniversary of Boris Vasilievich Ananich.





Saint Petersburg branch of “Nauka” publishing house in “Russkaya biblioteka” series issued the book by I.P. Shaskolskii “Rus’ and crusaders. Struggle for the Baltic in 12th–13th centuries” (“Rus’ i kresonostsy. Borba za Baltiku v XII-XIII vekah”). This publication incorporates two monographs of I.P. Shaskolskii of 1970-s-1980-s which scrutinized the struggle between Rus’ and Swedish crusaders in 12th–14th centuries.

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