“Young scholars of the 21st century”. The conference of scholars-beginners


On April 12, 2017 at the Academics’ House named after Maxim Gorkii (Palace embankment, 26) the conference of scholars-beginners “Young scholars of the 21st century” took place. This event engages pupils and students of other secondary education institutions of Saint Petersburg and has been carried out for 21st time in a row by the Academics’ House with constant support from Saint Petersburg Institute of History. Institute researchers Cand. Sc. In History A.I. Bogomolov, Cand. Sc. In History S.A. Isaev, Cand. Sc. In History S.V. Kulikov were the members of the jury of the section “History”.
The results of the conference will be announced in a month at the closing session, and at the same time awards and diplomas will be presented.

Archive of the issues of the Proceedings of SPbII RAN (LOII)

Saint Petersburg Institute of History announces that entire archive of all the issues of the Proceedings of SPbII RAN (LOII) since 1959 till 2016 has been digitized and is available at the institute’s website. It will be replenished with every new issue.

Session of the Seminar on Old Russian history


Saint Petersburg Institute of History of the RAS in cooperation with the Institute of History of SPbSU welcome everyone to session of the Seminar on Old Russian history that will take place at 4.00 p.m. on March 30, 2017 in SPbIH RAS (Petrozavodskaya str., 7; Conference hall (room 23)) hosted by V.G. Vovina and A.V. Sirenov.

This time Cand. Sc. In History A.I. Razdorsky will deliver a report “Kursk of Kiev and Kursk of Moscow: two stories of one town or on story of two towns?”.

Presentation of “Album of Petrine Navigator”


On March 27, 2017 at 6.30 p.m. at Saint Petersburg branch of the Russian Geographical Society took place a meeting of Commission on history of geographic knowledge timed to 320-year anniversary of the Great Embassy of Peter the Great combined with presentation of “Album of Petrine Navigator”.

In presentation composers of the book Cand. Sc. in History T.A. Bazarova and D.Sc. in History D.N. Kopelev jointly with head of “Istoricheskaya Illustratsia” publishing house Cand.Sc. in History N.V. Kiriuschenko have participated.

New collection of articles


Yaroslav the Wise Novgorod State University has published regular issue 16 (26) of “Novgorod Historical Articles” (“Novgorodskii istoricheskii sbornik”), composed in commemoration of well-known specialist in history of Medieval Novgorod V.F. Andreev. The book incorporates studies on history and culture of Novgorod the Great and Novgorod region in 12th–20th centuries. This issue includes articles on social and political relations, religious life, archaeology, historiography and publications of lost and found works on history of one of the oldest Russian towns.

On centenary of the Great Russian Revolution of the year 1917

On occasion of Academic council meeting on March 14, 2017 when D.Sc. in History N.N. Smirnov delivered a report “Concerning several problems connected with the Great Russian Revolution of the year 1917” the Library of the Institute has installed an exhibition “Leningrad school of historians on the revolution of 1917”. The centennial of the February and October Revolutions determined the scale of the exhibition. It included more than 170 publications (monographs, collections of articles, albums, reference books, documental publications, etc.). The majority of them has been created by scholars of the Institute. The exhibits are displayed in chronological order covering all the periods of the study of the history of the Russian revolutions and accompanied by portraits of their authors. Besides published material the exhibition incorporates several documents from the Institute’s archive.