New monograph


Nauka publ. in “Biblioteka vsemirnoi istorii” book series issued the second edition of the monograph by M.B. Sverdlov “Domongol’skaya Rus’: Knyaz’ i knyazheskaya vlast’ na Rusi VI – pervoi treti XIII v.”. ISBN 978-5-02-038250-3.

The monograph of a prominent specialist in the history of Kievan Rus, M.B. Sverdlov, examines the early period of the Russian history. It systematically studies the institutions of the prince and princely power in the process of formation and development of the Russian medieval society and state. The main facts of the activities of the famous Russian princes of the middle of the 9th-first third of the 13th centuries are considered, a holistic picture of Russian society of this period is offered. The book may appear as a fascinating story about the origin of the Russian state.

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