Video Chronicle “The Age in the Eyes of Contemporaries”: Some Results and Prospects

The first stage of the project “Video Chronicle “The Epoch in the Eyes of Contemporaries” has been completed. This project is carried out by St. Petersburg Non-government Organization of Veterans of War, Labor, Armed Forces and Law Enforcements with the participation of St. Petersburg Institute of History of the Russian Academy of Sciences and autonomous non-government organization “Dom rodosloviya”(on the basis of a tripartite agreement between these organizations, signed on October 31, 2017). 110 video interviews with St. Petersburg veterans were recorded, many documents about the life and work of respondents were scanned. All material in electronic form is being prepared for transfer to the Scientific and Historical Archive of St. Petersburg Institute of the RAS, which has the right to permanently store archival documents. After the archival description, with the consent of the veteran and taking into account current legislation of the Russian Federation, video interviews and related documents will be available for researchers of the Soviet period of our history.

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