The new book

“Nestor-Istoria” publishing house issued the collection of articles of the 11th Saint Petersburg International Colloquium “Grazhdanskaya voina v Rossii: Zhizn’ v epokhu sotsial’nykh eksperimentov i voennykh ispytanii, 1917–1922” [“The Civil War in Russia: Life in the Era of Social Experiments and War Ordeals”]. ISBN 978-5-4469-1699-3.

This session of colloquium was aimed at finding new approaches in study of person and society of the Civil War era. The center of attention was not the course of the Civil War, but a person who got into hard times of political disturbance, social experiments, war ordeals, terror and violence, his everyday life, fears and emotions, strategies and ways of survival. The contrbutions from the discussion are published along with the reports. The book is aimed at both specialista and ordinary people interested in Russian history.

The publication was carried out with the support from JSC “Goznak” and European University in St. Petersburg.

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