The jubilee of scholar


On November 1, 2015 is the 80-year anniversary of outstanding historian, a specialist in Byzantine history, corresponding member of the RAS, D. Sc. in History and a remarkable person Igor Pavlovich Medvedev. He is a symbol of both Byzantine history studies and the destiny of Saint Petersburg institute of History, where he has been working for almost 50 years. Igor Pavlovich Medvedev can be claimed a worthy heir of Saint Petersburg school of Byzantine studies, moreover he himself leads the school acknowledged both in Russia and abroad. A lot of his students became outstanding scholars recognized all around the world. I.P. Medvedev is a great specialist in source studies; he is interested in different aspects of scholarly work and prepared a lot of books and publications on both the history of Byzantium and some problems of the Renaissance period.
Igor Pavlovich Medvedev from the first days of his work at the institute combined many-sided scholarly job with enormous and complicated community work. He used to be a scientific secretary of the sector of General history, struggled for the development of international relations of the institute and since 1968 has participated in the sessions of Leningrad (Petersburg) Byzantine group as its secretary and then longstanding chairman.

Nowadays Igor Pavlovich Medvedev is one of the most prominent specialists in Byzantine history and at the same time one of the most respected members of the institute staff honored and beloved by his colleagues.

Friends, colleagues and students heartily congratulate Igor Pavlovich Medvedev on this anniversary and wish him sound health, prosperity and new creative progress.

The library of SPbIH of the RAS prepared the exhibition of scientific works, photos and drawings by I.P. Medvedev timed for the jubilee of this outstanding scholar.

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