Research and restoration of manuscripts – the 3rd conference

Исследование и реставрация рукописей - III научная конференция

On November 10, 2022, the Library of the Russian Academy of Sciences will host the 3rd Scientific Conference “Research and Restoration of Manuscripts”, organized by St. Petersburg Institute of History of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Library of the Russian Academy of Sciences and St. Petersburg Branch of the Archaeographic Commission of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
Restoration of manuscripts, books and documents is one of the topical areas of work with written sources, which ensures the safety of written monuments and leads to new discoveries when studying them. The restoration of handwritten books is invariably the most fruitful as a complex discipline that unites the efforts of researchers, curators and restorers.
The conference will be attended by restorers, researchers and curators of handwritten and rare books, handwritten documents.
The following issues are proposed for consideration and discussion in the program of meetings:
interdisciplinary approach to research and restoration of manuscripts;
modern methods of restoration and automated systems for monitoring the preservation of written monuments;
restoration as an element of the study of book monuments and documents;
new discoveries and new methods in the study of monuments during restoration;
manuscript before and after restoration: a new look at the monument;
medieval and antique restoration of manuscripts;
Centers for the restoration of book monuments: history and modernity.

Within the framework of the conference, there will be a tour of the exhibition “Restoration of Manuscripts of the BAN” based on the materials of the exhibition “The History of Writing from Byzantium to the Old Believers”, which will be held by the head of the NIOR BAN M.V. Korogodina.

As a result of the conference, it is planned to publish a collection of works.

Conference agenda (in Russian).

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Исследование и реставрация рукописей - III научная конференция

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