Preserving History. On 80-year anniversary of Saint Petersburg Institute of History of the RAS

Organizational issues concerning the Institute are reflected by two Resolutions of Presidium of the Academy of Sciences. The first dated March 20, 1953 resulted in abolition of the Leningrad branch of the Institute of History, while the second of March 11, 1955 reestablished it.

DSCN0084The exhibition continues by materials from personal funds of .D. Lublinskaya, B.A. Romanov, E.Ch. Skrzhinskaya, S.N. Valk and O.N. Znamensky. These documents present to the visitors different aspects of everyday life of the Institute from scientific work of scholars (parts of manuscript copies of articles and books, protocols of scientific sittings, etc.) to informal activities (friendly jest of S.N. Valk and archaized anniversary card to him signed by his institute colleagues)

Illustrative materials are presented by individual and group photos of Institute scholars of different periods and by scheme of international connections of the Institute composed presumably in 1970-s.

The text of the Resolution of Presidium of the RAS on creation of separate and independent Saint Petersburg Institute of History completes the display.

The exhibition has been organized by research fellows of Scientific and historical archive Candidates of Science in History N.V. Bashnin, M.E. Proskuryakova, A.A. Efimov with the assistance of Candidate of Science in History E.I. Nosova and Yu.B. Fomina.

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