From the collection of the Scientific-Historical Archive of St. Petersburg Institute of RAS

Within the framework of the RFBR project 18-09-00212 on the preparation and publication of a translation into Russian of the treatise “Sovereign” (“Sovereign” Machiavelli in a Russian manuscript of the XVIII century”, composed by Doctor of Historical Sciences M.A. Yusim. M., 2019. 198 p.) The entire manuscript Antimachiavelli was digitized. The present submission of the electronic copy of the manuscript is intended to supplement the text published with a scientific commentary by M.A. Yusim by transmitting a visual image of the source. In addition, the manuscript of Antimaciavelli by Frederick II is valuable material for further research.
The manuscript “Antimachiavelli” is stored in the Russian section of the Scientific and Historical Archive of St. Petersburg Institute of History of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Archive of St. Petersburg Institute of History of the RAS. Fund 36 “The Vorontsovs”, inventory 1, unit 807).

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