Auxiliary historical disciplines. Issue XXXIII

VID«Dmitrii Bulanin» publishing house has printed XXXIIIrd issue of Institute’s periodicals “Auxiliary historical disciplines”.

This collection incorporates articles where the results of historiography analysis and source study of different manuscripts and monuments of culture dated from 10th till 20th century are presented. The subjects of articles reflect many insufficiently known problems concerning sources on history of both Russia and Western Europe in Middle Ages and Modern history. The book presents the reader with studies on genealogy, diplomatics and other problems of auxiliary sciences of history. This issue also incorporates publications of documents from the archive of Saint Petersburg Institute of History on Ancient History of Russia and the Siege of Leningrad.

The articles have been submitted by scholars from Russia, Ukraine and Estonia.

This publication has been issued with grant support from the Russian Foundation for Humanities (projects №15-01-16035).

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