A new book

“Istoricheskaya Illustratsiya” publ. issued a new monograph by Z.V. Dmitrieva and S.A. Kozlov “Taxes and wars in Russia of 16th-18th cent.” [“Nalogi i voiny v Rossii XVI-XVIII vv.”]. ISBN 978-5-89566-207-6

The monograph deals with the history of the Russian taxation in 16th-18th centuries in the context of “taxes-wars” issue. The authors outlined the impact of geopolitical forces on changes of the forms of taxes and taxation priorities of the Russian state; examined the role of commune in formation of system of taxes. The monograph establishes the share of military expenses in the state budget of Russia and European states as well as scrutinizes Russian taxation under the concept of military fiscal state of the Early Modern Era. The appendix contains documents of 17th and early 18th centuries dealing with the system of taxation of Russian state шт the wartime.

The book is aimed at both specialists historians and ordinary people interested in economic and military history of Russia.


The publication is prepared and carried out with the financial support from RFBR, projects № 19-1900110 и № 16-01-00066-ОГН.

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