“Novgorod historical articles” (Novgorodskii istoricheskii sbornik)

The periodical was established in 1936, nowadays it is annually published peer-reviewed collection of articles.

“Novgorod historical articles” (Novgorodskii istoricheskii sbornik) publishes the works and materials on both history and culture of Velikii Novgorod and Novgorod region of 12th – 20th centuries.

Editorial board:
Corr. Member of the RAS P.G.Gaidukov (managing editor).
D.Sc.in History A.N. Chistikov(deputy managing editor),
Cand. of Sc. in History (Ph.D.) E.V.Toropova (deputy managing editor),
Academician of the RAS B.V.Anan’ich,
D.Sc.in History A.A.Selin,
D.Sc.in History B.N.Kovalev,
D.Sc.in History V.G.Vovina-Lebedeva,
D.Sc. E.Lefstrand (Sweden),
Cand. of Sc. in History (Ph.D.) G.M.Kovalenko,
Cand. of Sc. in History (Ph.D.) S.V.Troyanovskii,
Cand. of Sc. in History (Ph.D.), Cand. of Sc. in Economics (Ph.D.). Ya.A.Vasil’ev (managing secretary),
Cand. of Sc. in History (Ph.D.) V. Yu. Chernyaev.

The rules for the typescript submission, reviewing and publication in “Novgorod historical articles” (Novgorodskii istoricheskii sbornik):

  1. The articles can be filed to “Novgorod historical articles” (Novgorodskii istoricheskii sbornik) by both domestic and foreign scholars well-known by their works on history, philology and source studies and by members of the editorial board.
  2. Submitted texts must be genuine, unpublished in any other periodical. We welcome manuscripts of not more than 40 000 symbols of text (under 20 000 for post-graduate students). The article should be delivered in electronic copy.
  3. The name of the article, summary (abstracts) and keywords in both Russian and English.
  4. Information about the author/authors in both Russian and English: Name and Surname (patronymic if there is). Place of employment, position, academic degree and/or academic rank Contacts (mobile phone, e-mail)
  5. Only endnotes with continuous numbering are acceptable.
  6. Bibliography/References must be submitted in both Russian and English.
  7. UDC code must be put above and on the left of the name of the author. It has to be appropriate to the subject of the article
  8. Authors are responsible for both accuracy of all the data, quotes, names, place-names, etc. and absence of classified information unauthorized to publication.
  9. Illustrative material must be submitted only in “.tiff” or “.jpg” file formats with resolution 300 dpi or higher. Real dimensions of pictures have to be not less than 5*5 cm. The editor may refuse to publish insufficient illustrations.
  10. Standard procedure of reviewing and formation of every issue presumes that all the articles pass mandatory approval of the editorial board followed by confirmation of the Scientific council of Saint Petersburg Institute of History of the RAS.
  11. The articles sent to “Novgorod historical articles” (Novgorodskii istoricheskii sbornik) are accompanied by both internal and external reviews without fail.
  12. External reviewers are the leading historians from Saint Petersburg State University, other higher education institutions and academic establishment.
  13. Internal reviewers are the employees of Saint Petersburg Institute of History of the RAS and other specialists in corresponding sphere of science.
  14. Typescript copy of whole future issue relevant to all the requirements and ready to publication accompanied by both internal and external reviews of the whole collection is submitted for consideration of Scientific council and then passes its confirmation.
  15. Editorial board has the right to select submitted articles and to reject those with inappropriate contents and design.