The visit of post-graduates and students of the University from Bielefeld, Germany (Osteuropäische Geschichte-Universität)

deutsche_studOn March 30, 2016 a group of students and post-graduates of the University from Bielefeld, Germany (Osteuropäische Geschichte-Universität) accompanied by professor Stephan Merl visited the institute. It is the third visit of professor Merl with his students to SPbIH of the RAS.

Young German colleagues were acquainted with the history of the Institute, recent publications. Researchers from both Russian and Western sections of the Scientific and Historical Archive of SPbIH of the RAS presented them some documents, and our guests showed a genuine interest both to the content of the collections. Library staff member E.Z. Panchenko informed the visitors about the activities of the library.

Both guests and hosts highly appreciated the results of this meeting and voiced the hope to continue and strengthen the effective cooperation between the University and the Institute.

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