The new book

mironov_1mironov_2mironov_3Dmitrii Bulanin publishing house issued a three-volume monograph by B.N. Mironov “The Russian Empire: from tradition to modern”.
This monograph is a complex systematic resumptive research on the social history of Russia from the end of the 17th century till 1917. From the point of view of modernization a wide range of problems, such as colonization, expansion of territory and national issues; demography; social structure of society; urbanization and industrialization; evolution of different social groups; mentality of different classes and their cooperation and relations with the state authorities and monarchy, etc.
The book contains statistic appendix “Russia and the Great Powers in 19th-20th centuries”.
The monograph should be of interest for historians, sociologists, economists, political scientists, journalists and everyone interested in the Russian history.

This publication is financially supported by the Federal agency on Press and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation in the frame of Federal purposeful program “The culture of Russia (2012-2018)”

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