The exhibition in the Reading Hall of the Library of SPbIH of the RAS

The library presents to the visitors at the exhibition in the Reading Hall one of the most luxurious publications – “Tsarskaya ohota” (“The Tsars’ Hunt”) by N.I. Kutepov:
Vol 2.
Tsarskaya ohota tsarei Mikhaila Pheodorovicha and Alekseia Mikhailovicha. XVII vek (The Tsars’ Hunt of Tsars Mikhail Pheodorovich and Aleksei Mikhailovich. 17th century). St. Petersburg, 1898. Copy № 104.

Vol 3.
Tsarskaya i imperatorskaia ohota na Rusi. Konets XVII i XVIII vek (The Tsars’ and Imperors’ Hunt in Russia. The end of the 17th and the 18th centuries). St. Petersburg, 1902. Copy № 109.

Vol 4.
Imperatorskaia ohota na Rusi. Konets XVIII i XIX vek (The Emperors’ Hunt in Russia. The end of the 18th and the 19th centuries) . St. Petersburg, 1911.

Emperor Alexander III expressed a wish to write a study on the history of the tsars’ hunt while visiting hunting ground in Gatchina. It was ordered to colonel N.I. Kutepov, who recruited scholars and collectors A.F. Bychkov, P.Ya. Dashkov, N.P. Likhachov, V.V. Stasov,… Numerous archive materials have been examined and included to this publication.

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