The 39th volume of “Auxiliary historical disciplines”

“Dmitrii Bulanin” publishing house issued the next 39th volume of collection of articles “Auxiliary historical disciplines” [“Auxiliary sciences of history”/”Vspomogatelnye istoricheskie discipliny”]. ISBN 978-5-86007-954-0
ISSN 0130-0865

The collection of scientific works includes articles dealing with the study of manuscrits and objects of cultural heritage. The authors of the articles widely use the methods of auxiliary historical disciplines in their research. The chronological and thematic ranges of the works presented are quite wide. Some of the articles scrutinize various manuscript and printed collections stored in the Russian Federation, while others are related to the development of archeography as a field of knowledge, to the problems of Old Russian book culture. The collection also includes research on the history of the 20th century and a large publication of documents related with the archaeographic activity of P.P. Dubrovsky. The articles consider the documents stored in the BAN, RNB, RGADA.

All materials are published for the first time, articles were written by authors from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk and Minsk (Republic of Belarus).

This publication has been issued with grant support from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (project № 20-19-00123). Absolutely not for sale.

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