Smirnov Nikolay Nikolaevich

(April 6, 1952, Dushanbe)
1970-1976 – Leningrad State University, Department of History.

1975-1977 – senior researcher at the State Museum of the History of Leningrad.

11.1977-11.1980 – postgraduate LDII RAS.

12.1980- till now – St. Petersburg Institute of History of Sciences (LDII RAS); junior reasercher; 07.1986 –  researcher, Department of History of the Great October Socialist Revolution; 12.1992 – senior  researcher; 12.1994 – leading  reasercher at the Department of Contemporary History of Russia; 06.2004 – head of the Group the history of Russian revolutions and social movements; 03.2011 – head of the Department of the history of revolutions and social development of Russia; 06.2013 – Director of the Institute.

1980 – Ph.D. ”III All-Russian Congress of Soviets”
1994 – doctoral thesis “Russian teaching before and during the 1917 revolution.”

1994 – member of the Dissertation Council D 002.200.01 SPbIH RAS.
2000 – Member of the Scientific Council of Russian Academy of Sciences SPbIH.
2013 – deputy of сhairman of the Dissertation Council D 002.200.01 SPbII RAS.

Professor on the specialty 07.00.02 History of Russia (2012).

Since 1990 – Chairman of the North-West Branch of the Scientific Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences’ History of social reform movements and revolution