Seminar on the Old Russian history (Drevnerusskii seminar)

The first session of the Seminar on the Old Russian history (Drevnerusskii seminar) organized by SPbIH of the RAS in collaboration with the Institute of history of SPbSU took place on October 15, 2015 at the conference hall of SPbIH.

DSCN9486-aAt this meeting the report delivered by D.D. Smirnova “The letters (encyclicals) of Novgorod archbishop Feodosii: the issues of their creation and existence”.

The next session is planned on December, 2015. The exact date, time and subject will be announced later.

The Seminar on the Old Russian history (Drevnerusskii seminar) is expected to be the area for discussions of different subjects connected to the researches on the Old Russian history and culture and source studies of this period with the participation of scholars from different scientific institutions of Saint Petersburg, students and post-graduates. It should both give an opportunity for collaboration of specialists in related sciences such as history, philology, art history, etc. and ameliorate the quality of historical education.

We are looking forward to your cooperation and welcome colleagues and their students.

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