On centenary of the Great Russian Revolution of the year 1917

On occasion of Academic council meeting on March 14, 2017 when D.Sc. in History N.N. Smirnov delivered a report “Concerning several problems connected with the Great Russian Revolution of the year 1917” the Library of the Institute has installed an exhibition “Leningrad school of historians on the revolution of 1917”. The centennial of the February and October Revolutions determined the scale of the exhibition. It included more than 170 publications (monographs, collections of articles, albums, reference books, documental publications, etc.). The majority of them has been created by scholars of the Institute. The exhibits are displayed in chronological order covering all the periods of the study of the history of the Russian revolutions and accompanied by portraits of their authors. Besides published material the exhibition incorporates several documents from the Institute’s archive.

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