On 85-year anniversary of academician B.V. Ananich

DSCN1625On March 22, 2016 at Saint Petersburg Institute of History of the RAS (SPbIH of the RAS) memorial session of the Scientific council dedicated to 85-year anniversary of academician, D.Sc. in History, professor B.V. Ananich took place.

The meeting was opened by the report delivered by A.N. Tsamutali who outlined different aspects of B.V. Ananich’s course of life and main features of his work as a historian.

S.K. Lebedev focused on detailed analysis of scientific heritage of B.V. Ananich concerning economic and financial history.

M.F. Florinskii outlined issues of teaching activity of this outstanding scholar at Saint Petersburg State University and European University at Saint Petersburg and characterized his methodological principles.

Academician A.B. Davidson delivered to the audience his memories about co-study with B.V. Ananich at Leningrad university and their friendship.

V.M. Paneyakh presented report concerning traditions of B.V. Romanov’s historical school. B.V. Ananich was one of its disciples along with R.Sh. Ganelin, A.A. Fursenko and N.E. Nosov.

Director of SPbIH of the RAS N.N. Smirnov noted role of B.V. Ananich both as an outstanding scholar and as benevolent and kindhearted person.

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