New publication

 Publishing house “Pushkinskii fond” issued a collection of documents “Ministry finansov imperatorskoi Rossii E.F. Kankrin, M.Ch. Reitern, N.Ch. Bunge” [“The Ministers of Finance of the Imperial Russia E.F. Kankrin, M.Ch. von Reutern, N.Ch. Bunge”] composed by I.V. Lukoianov as a part of the series “Gosudarstvennye deyateli Rossii glazami sovremennikov” [“The Statesmen of Russia in the Eyes of Contemporaries”], ISBN 9785604279946. 

The book incorporates extracts from publicistic and literary works, memoirs and diaries of the contemporaries of E.F. Kankrin, M.Ch. von Reutern, N.Ch. Bunge – the Ministers of Finance of the imperial Russia, who held this position for more than 40 years and greatly contributed to the development of the Russian economy. These materials describe the abovementioned people as both the statesmen and persons. Statements of witnesses present to the readers how the role of the Ministry of Finance and its chief changed throughout 19th century. The book includes detailed commentary, index of names, glossary of special terms and has an inset with copies of archival documents.

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