New monograph


Publishing Centre “Gumanitarnaya Akademiya” issued the monograph by
E.V. Prokhorova and E.D. Tverdyukova“Prodovol’stvennyi rynok Petrograda-Leningrada perioda nepa” (“The food market of Petrograd-Leningrad during
the NEP period”)
. ISBN 978-5-93762-145-0.

The book for the first time in historiography on the basis of wide amount of different sources (law and regulations, unpublished archival documents, statistical materials, periodicals, diaries and memoirs of contemporaries) presents to the readers a complex study of the features of the food market of the greatest city centre of the Soviet Russia – Petrograd-Leningrad in the period of the New Economic Policy (1921-1928). This study may be of interest to both specialists and vast circles of public.

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