New monograph


Istoricheskaya Illustratsiya publ. issued the monograph by T.V. Andreeva “On the Way to the Great Reform: The Peasant Question in Russia under Nicholas I. Study and Documents” (“Na dalnih podstupah k Velikoi Reforme: krestianskii vopros v Rossii v tsarstvovanie Nikolaya I”) (ISBN 978-5-89566-193-2).
The monograph deals with pre-history of the Great Reform 1861, abolishing bondage in Russia: with its theoretical and practical preparation. The Reform is presented as a long process, stipulated by complexity of Russian modernization, and by no means sudden act. For the first time in home historiography the policy of Nicholas I towards peasants’ problem is examined comprehensively, based on the analysis of both basic official materials and private documents.

The book was published with financial support from Russian Foundation for Basic Research (project № 18-19-00208) and is not for sale.

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