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I-mirovayaThe first volume of multivolume work “The First World War and the end of the Russian Empire”. Publishing house “Liki Rossii” issued “Political history” “The First World War and the end of the Russian Empire”.

Centenary of the World War I (194-1918) has been marked by a lot of conferences, publications and research works. This project supported by Russian Foundation for Humanities (grant №12-31-10020 “The First World War and the end of the Russian Empire”) is aimed to publish three volumes on political and economical history of Russia during the global conflict, on different aspects of social and cultural life of the Russian empire citizens and on February revolution that brought to an end the monarchy. The authors suppose these publications to be interesting not only to historians and scholars, but also to a wide range of readers.



muchina“…Keep my sorrowful story…”: Blockade diary of Lena Mukhina. Moscow, 2015.

The diary text prepared for publication and commented by D.Sc. in History V.M. Kovalchuk, D.Sc. in History A.I. Rupasov and D.Sc. in History A.N. Chistikov. Introductory article by D.Sc. in History, professor S.V. Yarov.

This book is a republication of the blockade diary of 17-year old Leningrad schoolgirl Lena Mukhina. This diary is unique being one of a little number of teenagers’ notes written down during the Blockade. It was written in a good literary language and covers a period from May 22, 1941 till May 25, 1942, what makes it possible to trace the everyday life of a Leningrad citizen and her perception of the events of the war eve and of the first year of the War (pre-Blockade months, beginning of the siege and tragic winter of 1941/1942).
The diary produced a lot of positive responses and comments in both Russian and foreign mass media.

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