New book


“Istoricheskaya illustratsia” publishing house has issued a new book of T.A. Bazarova “Russian diplomats at the court of the Ottoman Empire: reports of P.P. Shafirov and M.B. Sheremetev of 1711-1712 (The study and the texts)” (“Russkie diplomaty pri Osmanskom dvore: stateynye spiski P.P. Shafirova i M.B. Sheremeteva 1711-1712 godov (Issledovaniya i teksty)”).
This publication introduces to scholars the main report documents of ambassadors extraordinary and plenipotentiary to Istanbul P.P. Shafirov and M.B. Sheremetev – the so-called “stateynye spiski”. These materials include information not only on the course of negotiations between Russian ambassadors and Turkish officials in 1711-1712, but also about establishment and development of contacts with European diplomats, creation of informants’ network at Istanbul.

The publication of documents is preceded with the study on Russian-Turkish peace talks and everyday life of Russian ambassadors at the capital of the Ottoman Empire.

This book will be of interest to scholars, lecturers and undergraduates and to everyone interested in the history of international relations and Russian diplomacy of the first quarter of the 18th century.

This publication has been issued with grant support from the Russian Foundation for Humanities (projects №12-01-00193 and №15-01-16058).

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