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“Istoricheskaya illustratsiya” publ. issued a new book “The Grand Ducal Residences of the Russian Empire in 1826-1917: construction economy. Study and documents”. Compiled by A.A. Efimov. ISBN 978-5-89566-225-0 

The Ministry of the Imperial Court from the very moment of its creation in 1826 and up to 1917 led an active architectural and construction activity, one of the main directions of which was the creation of ensembles of grand-ducal residences, which simultaneously performed the basic function of a dwelling and a representative one of a residence.

This book examines and publishes documents reflecting certain aspects of the participation of the august customers in the administration and financing of the palace construction. Financial reports and related materials for the construction of the Mikhailovskaya Dacha and the Vladimir Palace in St. Petersburg reveal changes in the significance of the material contribution of the Grand Dukes. The correspondence on the appointment of remuneration, incentives and official awards to the people who contributed to palace creation presents the different approaches of the august customers to these issues. Documents on the problem of the Grand Dukes Vladimir and Alexei Alexandrovich receiving reimbursement of the costs incurred by them for the construction and arrangement of residences from the budget of the Ministry of the Imperial Court got a special part in the book. The set of letters from the architect N.P. Krasnov, who managed the construction of the Kharaks residence, addressed to its owner, Grand Duke Georgii Mikhailovich, completes the publication. They reveal the interaction between the direct supervisor of the work and the august customer on numerous issues related to the creation and arrangement of both palace buildings and the entire estate as a whole.

The publication aims at both specialists in the field of history, history of architecture, art history, and a wide range of readers.

The publication whas been composed and published with the financial support from the grant of the President of the Russian Federation for state support of young russian scientists – candidates of sciences № MК-175.2019.6

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