New book


GALART Publishing House has published a new book by. A. I. Rupasov “Diplomatic Profiles” ISBN 978-5-98747-050-3

The book deals with the biography issues of some of the Soviet and European diplomats who have passed away long ago and who played very different roles in the posts they happened to occupy. Soviet plenipotentiaries I.L. Lorentz, F.F. Raskolnikov, A.I. Svidersky, S.S. Aleksandrovsky, as well as their colleagues – the Finnish envoy Harry Holm, the Swedish envoy R. Sulman, the Polish envoy V. Grzybowski, lived in an extremely dynamic time, the transience of which prompted the manifestation of independence, sometimes to unjustified risk. The sketches presented in the book are not biographies, they are some touches to portraits against the background of complex diplomatic tasks being solved by these people.

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