New book



“Nestor-Istoria” publishing house issued a book “Krauze Friedrich. Letters from the fronts of World War I (1914—1917)” (“Krauze Friedrich. Pisma s Pervoi Mirovoi (1914—1917)”) composed and edited by O.F. Krauze and L.A. Bulgakova. It includes correspondence between sanitary inspector of the Russian army F.O. Krauze and his fiancée (then wife) pediatrician A.I. Dobrohotova. The letters of F.O. Krauze composed like diary entries present to the reader both professional and everyday activities of the author. Being composed by direct witness of dramatic historical events these documents along with the extracts from reply letters of A.I. Dobrohotova are of great interest as historical source for scholars and for wide circle of amateurs interested in the history of the World War I and the Russian revolution.

The publication has been done with the financial support from the Federal Agency on Press and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation in the frames of Federal program “The culture of Russia”.

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