Exhibition on 150-year anniversary of M.I. Rostovtsev

During the Forum  «Classical Studies’ Days in Saint Petersburg. 150 years anniversary of M.I. Rostovtsev»  for the session «M.I. Rostovtsev and Classical Studies Triunity: History, Archaeology, Philology»,which took place on October 28, 2020at SPbIH of the RAS the employees of the Library of the Institute installed an exhibition «The books of M.I. Rostovtsev in the Library of Saint Petersburg Institute of History».

There is no such library that keeps all the works of M.I. Rostovtsev. The Library of the Institute of History can’t claim it either, but has a lot of his books. The main source is the private library of academician S.A. Zhebelev preserved in the Institute.

The exhibition includes about 100 separate items along with similar amount included in convolutes of S.A. Zhebelev. The works of M.I. Rostovtsev are presented шт chronological order. The first two showcases include pre-Revolutional publications, the third keeps works written in emigration, modern editions, several works on M.I. Rostovtsev’s personality and studies along with two convolutes and typewritten collection of articles (with the article of M.I. Rostovtsev) made in 1926.

Brief translation of Russian text by E.Z. Panchenko, chief bibliographer.

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