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New series of popular science brochures



The first issue in the series of popular science brochures dealing with Novgorod deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Empire “Matvei Shulgin. Mayor of Borovichi – the deputy of the third Duma” (“Matvei Shulgin. Gorodskoi golova Borovichei –deputat Tretiei Dumy”), composed by B.N. Kovalev, has been published. The book was prepared with the support from Novgorod State Joint Museum-Reserve and Novgorod branch of the Russian Historic Society.

Exhibition in the framework of International scientific conference “Armenians in history and culture of Russia: 18th – 20th centuries”

2016-10-26-13-40-20On October 26, 2016 the exhibition “Armenian merchants in Astrahan’ in the end of the 17th century: on the basis of documents from archival fund “Astrahan’ board” of the Scientific and historical archive of SPbIH RAS” was opened in “Tapan” museum in Moscow. It is organized in the framework of International scientific conference “Armenians in history and culture of Russia: 18th – 20th centuries”.
The exhibition will stay open until November 11, 2016.

Scientific Council session

dscn0606October 25, 2016 extended session of Scientific Council timed to 50-year anniversary of move of the Institute to Petrozavodskaya str., 7.
A.N. Chistikov presented his report “50 years in Petrozavodskaya” as a presentation of photos dated 1960-s–2000-s from the Institute and private archival collections.
E.K. Piotrovskaya informed the audience concerning the history of N.P. Likhachev’s house in 1930-s–1960-s.
E.Z. Panchenko on the basis of documents of the Library of SPbIH RAS outlined the history of the Library move to new building, its organization and functioning in the late 1960-s.
The session was finished with demonstration of documentary film about LOII move in November 1966 screened by V.N. Ginev.

Exhibition on 50-year anniversary of SPbIH move to N.P. Likhachev’s house


dscn0599 dscn0596On extended session of the Scientific council of SPbIH RAS timed to 50-year anniversary of move of the Institute and the library to Petrozavodskaya str., 7 at the Reading hall of the Institute’s library the exhibition “The library of LOII: labor activity, 1936-1991” has been opened. There are presented documents (annual reports, inventories, readers’ record cards, etc.), photos and items concerned with everyday life of the library. The exhibits are organized in chronological order.

On 90-year anniversary of Rafail Sholomovich Ganelin

ganelin_2014On October 18, 2016 memorial session of Scientific council of SPbIH RAS timed to 90-year anniversary of corresponding member of the RAS, D.Sc. in History Rafail Sholomovich Ganelin took place.
The reports were delivered by T.V. Andreeva, A.N. Tsamutali, O.Yu. Malinova, S.K. Lebedev. A.S. Krymskaya, S.V. Kulikov, D.I. Raskin, V.A. Nardova, N.N. Smirnov confided their reminiscences about Rafail Sholomovich.
T.V. Andreeva in her report provided the analysis of scholar’s legacy in the sphere of history of Russia in the end of the 19th – beginning of the 20th century. Then A.N. Tsamutali examined the formation of Ganelin’s scientific views in his student years and outlined the great influence of his tutors N.P. Poletika and B.A. Romanov, friends and fellow students.
O.Yu. Malinova evaluated the role of R.Sh. Ganelin in preservation of traditions of Petersburg school of history and in formation of several generations of historians in Leningrad-Petersburg.
S.K. Lebedev in his speech characterized R.Sh. Ganelin’s principles and his relations with colleagues during compilation of collective monographs, collections of articles and fundamental publications.

Employees of the Department of Modern History of Russia prepared exposition of scientific works of R.Sh. Ganelin supplied by photographs from the Archive of the Institute.

Session of the Seminar on History of Post-war Soviet Society


On October 17, 2016 regular session of the Seminar on history of post-war soviet society (period of 1945-1965) took place. This seminar works at Saint Petersburg Institute of History of the RAS (SPbIH of the RAS) and ensures collaboration of scholars, employees of museums and archives, professors, tutors and teachers along with post-graduates. The report “I’d rather die than will work in factory!” Education, rivalry and attitude to labor among youngsters in the post-Stalin Georgian SSR” was delivered by D.Sc. Ira Yanis-Isokangas (University of Helsinki). In the following discussion scholars from SPbIH RAS, St. Petersburg State University, Central State Archive of St. Petersburg and other specialists have participated.

On scholar’s anniversary



On anniversary of Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, D.Sc. in History, professor Yurii Gergievich Alekseev “Drevlechranilishe” publishing house issued the collection of articles “The sides of Middle Ages in Russia: collection of articles timed to 90-year anniversary of Yurii Gergievich Alekseev” (“Grani russkogo Srednevekovia: sbornik statei k 90-letiu Yuria Gergievicha Alekseeva”). Articles written by his disciples and colleagues examine different problems of medieval Russia history and cover different spheres, such as historiography, source studies, genealogy, war history, law, social history, etc.
The book will be of interest for historians, philologists and everyone interested in history of medieval Russia.