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New book

Publishing House “Political encyclopedia” (“ROSSPAN”) issued the new book by Yu.Z. Kantor “Pribaltika 1939-1945 gg. Voina i pamyat” [“The Baltics in 1939-1945. The War and the Memory”]. ISBN 978-5-8243-2405-1 .

«The problem of the Baltic region» of the late 1930s – middle 1940s is quite controversial for both specialists and ordinary people in both Russia and Baltic countries. Tragic, mythologized and even taboo stories of pre-War and war period of history need to be scrutinized on the basis of original sources. The monograph by Yu.Z. Kantor is composed on the grounds of the unique documents from the archives of Russia, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. In combination with the most up-to-date studies of scholars from Rusiia and the Baltic countries it gave a possibility to reconstruct a full account of what had happened in this region in 1939-1944.

Scientific seminar “Russia in the Modern Era (the 18th – the beginning of the 20th cc.): the state and the society”

Nikolai Vyacheslavovich Salonikov

Konstantin Vladimirovich Sutorius

On July 2, 2020 at 17.00 the session of scientific seminar “Russia in the Modern Era (the 18th – the beginning of the 20th cc.): the state and the society” will take place. 

At the semonar there will be delivered a report by Cand.Sc. in History N.V. Salonikov (Yaroslav the Wise Novgorod State University) and Cand.Sc. in History K.V. Sutorius (National Research University Higher School of Economics SPb) “Novgorodskaya Arhiereiskaya Shkola v Petrovskoe Vremya i istochniki po ee istorii” [“The Novgorod Archbishop School in the Era of Peter the Great and Sources on its History”].

The text of the report (in Russian)

The session will be held online.

The new book

“Nestor-Istoria” publishing house issued the collection of articles of the 11th Saint Petersburg International Colloquium “Grazhdanskaya voina v Rossii: Zhizn’ v epokhu sotsial’nykh eksperimentov i voennykh ispytanii, 1917–1922” [“The Civil War in Russia: Life in the Era of Social Experiments and War Ordeals”]. ISBN 978-5-4469-1699-3.

This session of colloquium was aimed at finding new approaches in study of person and society of the Civil War era. The center of attention was not the course of the Civil War, but a person who got into hard times of political disturbance, social experiments, war ordeals, terror and violence, his everyday life, fears and emotions, strategies and ways of survival. The contrbutions from the discussion are published along with the reports. The book is aimed at both specialista and ordinary people interested in Russian history.

The publication was carried out with the support from JSC “Goznak” and European University in St. Petersburg.

On the postponement of International Scientific Conference.

International Scientific Conference “Istoriya piteinogo dela i trezvennicheskogo dvizheniya v Rossii s drevneishikh vremen do nashikh dnei” [“The history of beverage manufacturing and abstinence movement in Russia from ancient times to modern times”] planned to be held on 28-30 September, 2020 is postponed until 23-25 November, 2020.

The conference is organised by Saint Petersburg Institute of History of the RAS (SPbIH of the RAS) in cooperation with the National Library of Russia (NLR) and Federal Service for Alcohol Market Regulation with participation of International association of researchers of trade history, merchant class and customs and JSC “CentrInform”.

Further information about the conference (in Russsian)..

On the activity of the Scientific-Historical Archive

Since June 16, 2020 the Scientific-Historical Archive resumes execution of requests and making of digital copies of documents according to the demands presented by remote channels (postal letters and e-mail).

The Reading Hall of the Archive will reopen for visitors from September 2020.

On the 500-year anniversary of the foundation of Antonievo-Siysky monastery

Saint Petersburg Institute of History of the RAS in cooperation with the Library of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Russian Literature (Pushkinskij Dom), RAS on October 19–21, 2020 is to carry out the scientific conference timed to 500-year anniversary of the foundation of Antonievo-Siysky monastery  «Antonievo-Siysky monastery: preserved sanctuaries» [“Antonievo-Siysky monastery: sohranennye svyatyni”][.

Historians, philologists, specialist in history of art and culture are welcome to participate.  Letter of information [in Russian].

A new book

“Istoricheskaya Illustratsiya” publ. issued a new monograph by Z.V. Dmitrieva and S.A. Kozlov “Taxes and wars in Russia of 16th-18th cent.” [“Nalogi i voiny v Rossii XVI-XVIII vv.”]. ISBN 978-5-89566-207-6

The monograph deals with the history of the Russian taxation in 16th-18th centuries in the context of “taxes-wars” issue. The authors outlined the impact of geopolitical forces on changes of the forms of taxes and taxation priorities of the Russian state; examined the role of commune in formation of system of taxes. The monograph establishes the share of military expenses in the state budget of Russia and European states as well as scrutinizes Russian taxation under the concept of military fiscal state of the Early Modern Era. The appendix contains documents of 17th and early 18th centuries dealing with the system of taxation of Russian state шт the wartime.

The book is aimed at both specialists historians and ordinary people interested in economic and military history of Russia.


The publication is prepared and carried out with the financial support from RFBR, projects № 19-1900110 и № 16-01-00066-ОГН.