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This volume of essays in the «non-traditional» military history of Russia foregrounds the ex­perience of ordinary people: their folklore and religion, their health, their hunger, and their memories, both individual and collective. It shifts the focus from great battles and grand diplo­macy, from generals and general secretaries, to those who carried the main burden of warfare — the lower ranks of the military, medical personnel, partisans, disabled ex-servicemen, refugees, and civilians more generally. The book explores specific topics like the Leningrad Blockade as well as more general issues like violence and rape, focusing especially on gender, emotion, and ethnicity. Based on fresh research presented at the 9th International St. Petersburg Colloquium in Russian History, Little People and Big Wars in Russian History, mid-19th — mid-20th Centuries offers a multifaceted and novel picture of Russians and their army at war.

Издание осуществлено при финансовой поддержке Фонда Фрица Тиссена (Германия).

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